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Plainly Legal™ is a SaaS (software as a service) for certain types of online businesses. Designed by Bobby Klinck, Harvard-trained lawyer with over 20 years of experience, it is a solution that allows small businesses access to quality legal guidance and tools in a user-friendly and affordable way.

Users can log into their account to generate legal documents (contracts, terms & conditions, policies, etc.) for their online business. Soon, users will also be able to get guidance on what legal issues apply to their businesses and get instant answers to their legal questions.

Plainly Legal is for any business that exists online and sells knowledge and expertise. Examples include people who sell online courses, coaching, memberships, masterminds, consulting services, web design services, other services, and more!

Our powerful document generator is useful for generating practically most legal agreements, policy, disclaimer, disclosure, etc. for a business that exists online.

That includes your privacy policy and other website policies, product terms & conditions, client and service agreements, NDAs, employee and other hiring agreements, and much more!

We aren’t legally allowed to say that this is a substitute for legal advice, and we would never claim Plainly Legal could completely replace the need for lawyers (sorry). That being said, Plainly Legal will give users what they need to deal with the vast majority of the legal issues they’ll face yourself.

Cancel at any time! Your subscription will stay active through the end of your subscription period when you cancel and you will not be rebilled. However, canceling your subscription will mean you’ll lose your early adopter discount. If you choose to reactivate your subscription, you will be subject to the pricing of Plainly Legal™ at the time of your reactivation.

Plainly Legal™ is built for businesses operating within the United States. All of our features are built from the perspective of United States business laws, and they are built for businesses that are based in the United States (even those that serve audiences worldwide).

While many international users have reported successfully using our founder’s contract language for their own businesses, we cannot guarantee that our features and the information provided within Plainly Legal™ would apply to businesses outside of the US.

No, you will not get direct access to a lawyer as a Plainly Legal™ subscriber. It is considered to be the unauthorized practice of law for lawyers to provide legal advice to non-clients and those who reside in a state in which the lawyer is not licensed.

That said, as we develop more features, our vision is that most of our users will have 95% of their legal needs taken care of by our software services. The remaining 5% are those outlier circumstances where it would be best to hire a lawyer that is licensed in your own state (rare).

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